Why Educational Institutions should Automate their Admission Process?

With the advancement in technology and in the post Covid world, education industry has shifted towards automation. The decision-makers of the educational institutions feel that automation of the admission processes can significantly ease the pressure of pre & post admission process. It is important for colleges, institutes, and schools to have seamless operations, especially when dealing with the admission process.

Till date, many educational institutions have not adopted the technology to its true potential. The institution’s admission office is completely busy during the peak admissions period. The manual admission process is not only tedious but also highly stressful and prone to errors. On top of that, the students and parents are stranded in the long queues of admission application submission and fee payments.

Edfom automates the entire admission process, providing a hassle-free experience to both students and the institution’s staff. By automating the admissions process, it makes a good impression on the parent and boosts the brand identity of the institution.



It lets you efficiently manage the overall admission process in the following ways:

  • It enables you to manage your entire admission process from one place (Dashboard), thus saving your staff’s time. It also reduces the complexity of the process, making sure that it’s error-free.
  • It provides you with a real-time view of the prospective student’s pipeline along with the stages in which they are.
  • It provides insights about the entire enrollment process, which allows your institution’s management team to help identify the challenges of the admission process.  They can take quick measures to increase admission conversions based on these insights.

Since the admission process is automated, it requires less human intervention, thus freeing your staff for more productive work. The benefits of automating the admission process is:

  • Convert your potential admission enquiries
  • Minimize the manual data entry process
  • Your students admission data in a single place
  • Collect fee from parents through our online portal
  • Make more informed decisions about the way forward

Edfom’s portal is equipped with the necessary features for the automation of the admission and enrollment process. We custom-build the different needs of educational institutions viz Schools, Institutes & Colleges. There are many benefits of automating the admission process, but one of the main benefits is that it reduces the overall costs of operation by digitizing the entire process.